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Saving Too Much Too Early in the Year Can Hurt Your Retirement Thumbnail

Saving Too Much Too Early in the Year Can Hurt Your Retirement

When it comes to retirement planning and building up the proverbial nest-egg, there are few pieces of advice more universally accepted than “save as much as possible as early as possible.” Certainly, taking such action is often one of the best ways to grow your retirement savings, but like nearly all generic statements about how “you” should plan for retirement, there are exceptions to the rule.

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Planning for Uncertain Times Thumbnail

Planning for Uncertain Times

With last night’s election and ongoing health and economic concerns related to COVID-19, uncertainty remains high, as it has for most of 2020. Unfortunately, this is likely to continue well into 2021 on health, financial and societal fronts. As investors, it’s never enjoyable to navigate periods like this, so we wanted to step back and reinforce our perspective on financial markets as we head into the close of 2020.

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Code Name: Monte Carlo Thumbnail

Code Name: Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo tools test the probability that your financial plan will do what it is designed to do by simulating thousands of scenarios. Each scenario is run by modulating inputs, such as returns, cash flows and inflation, to give a range of possible outcomes. Outcomes can then be graphed to show you and your advisor the likelihood of reaching your investment goals.

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Relief for Retirement Account Owners Thumbnail

Relief for Retirement Account Owners

On March 27, 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law. Since then, the U.S. Treasury Department has issued guidance to clarify and, in some cases, expand the provisions of the CARES Act dealing with retirement accounts and the relief offered to retirement account owners and/or beneficiaries.

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Reframing the Social Security Claiming Decision for Married Couples Thumbnail

Reframing the Social Security Claiming Decision for Married Couples

For many, correctly answering the question, “When should I begin to take my Social Security benefits?” is a critical step toward making sure their retirement income and savings last at least as long as they do. For others, who perhaps are lucky enough to have accumulated a more substantial nest-egg, the decision may have less of an impact on their ultimate chances of a “successful” retirement (as they may have enough income and/or other assets to overcome a poor choice). But let’s face it … nobody wants to leave Social Security dollars on the table because of a less-than-ideal claiming decision.

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